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PDC (Pomelo Development Company) is the growers of honey pomelo fruits, our pomelo orchard and processing factory is located in Pinghe county, Zhangzhou City, China which is the origin place of Guanxi Honey Pomelo, and has been planted for more than 500 years and was used to be a tribute for royal.

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Pomelo Development Ltd.

Bumper harvest for Chinese honey pomelo in Pinghe

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Monday, 19 October 2009 05:23
chinese honey pomelos
With the start of the yearly crop of Pinghe honey pomelo, everyone is very busy, from farmer to packing house to exporter. The Pinghe Honey Pomleo season starts at the end of August or the beginning of September until mid-January.

There has been a good harvest this year due to favourable weather conditions and a large volume of high quality pomelos is expected, this means of course, big competition in the markets. Due to this many companies are exploring new markets outside western Europe. Hopefully the price will not discourage farmers from continuing to produce pomelos.

The pomelo is becoming more and more popular worldwide because of it's juiciness and slightly bitter taste, it is also packed with vitamins.

The fifth chinese honey pomelo festive in Pinghe
Since 2005, government of PINGHE county have been holding Guanxi Honey Pomelo Festival in every October. Thousands of pomelo dealers and tourists attended the festival. Guanxi is the old name of PINGHE county and have been registered by government as the brand name of pomelos growed in PINGHE county.

With more than 500 years of growing history, PINGHE GUANGXI honey pomelo ranks the first amont all kinds of pomelos in China. The export is growing year by year.
Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2009 05:58

Honey Pomelo fruit cracking led to decreasing output in place of origin

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Sunday, 18 October 2009 17:08

As predicted by Pinghe Agriculture Bureau in Xiamen, China, the harvest of Honey Pomelos for export was expected to be 20% more than last season, from 100,000 tons last season to 120,000 tons this season.

Unfortunately, due to a heavy downpour in week 37, the predicted 20% increase in output was destroyed by fruit cracking during week 38 and 39.


Fruit cracking is a serious disorder to fresh fruit growers. In young fruits it could be due to Boron deficiency, which can be prevented, but fully grown fruits crack due to moisture imbalances as this fruit is very sensitive to variation in soil moisture. Prolonged drought causes hardening of the peal and if this is followed by heavy irrigation or a downpour then the pulp grows and skin cracks.

At Pomelo Development Ltd., we were prepared to manage this problem through following means:
1) Maintaining soil moisture and not allowing wide variations in soil moisture depletion.
2) Cultivation of tolerant varieties, e.g. Red Flesh Honey Pomelo.
3) Spraying of calcium hydroxide on leaves in fruits initiating after fruit set.
4) Wrapping each fruit with a paper bag, which can prevent variation in atmosphere moisture after fruit set.


As an original grower, processor and vendor of Honey Pomelos for export, Pomelo Development Ltd. is dedicated to offer customers low residue Honey Pomelos, which are in line with safety standards and GLOBALG.A.P. CERTIFICATE from
orchard to fork.

Food safety, sustainability, innovation, logistic efficiency and traceability have a high priority in all Pomelo Development's activities.


2009 norms on the use of moderate brand Guanxi pomelo notice

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Friday, 14 August 2009 06:05

To continue to do a good job, "Guanxi pomelo calm" geographical indications and trademarks to promote the use of a unified brand name use of the work of pomelo, Guanxi pomelo enhance peaceful brand visibility and reputation, the benefit of people throughout the county, now the relevant provisions of notice as follows:
First, the continuation of "encouraging, open, free, and norms" Guanximiyou trademark policy, meet the requirements of "Guanxi pomelo peaceful use of the trademark rules" require the pomelo farmers, pomelo business can regulate the use of "moderate Guanxi pomelo "Geographical Indications trademark.

Second, the use of, trademarks must also be printed on the trademark registration number 1,388,988 and "China Well-known Trademark" words; Geographical Indications products must at the same time the use of special signs. Related trademarks and special logo to be printed in accordance with the unified model may not be changed without authorization.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 August 2009 08:17

Guanxi pomelo green certified through the price doubled

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Friday, 14 August 2009 05:43
In accordance with standards of green food production requirements, the implementation of green practices and the use of bagging technology, which reduces the occurrence of pests and diseases, pomelo fruit to enhance not only quality but also to improve the outward appearance. Especially after the certification of green food products, worth doubled by consumers, prices per kilogram of about 0.5 yuan. Not only has it become popular big supermarkets, and export the European Union, Canada, of which the first 1500 tons into the EU market.

Guanxi pomelo, Department of Fujian Province, a famous local traditional Pinghe of fruit has been cultivated for more than 500 years of history, a tribute for the extension of the Qing Dynasty palace. Guanxi pomelo, bright orange color, rich aroma, fruit large thin, seedless flesh meat, white jade color, juicy and soft, without leaving any residue off, slightly acidic sweet and taste very Yong-jun, which can be classified as shaddock the highest category. In 1989 at the national high-quality fruit was selected as the "grapefruit Wang." Guanxi pomelo rich in magnesium, calcium, copper and other mineral nutrients, with the function of regulating human metabolism, there are step-down Shuxin, expectorant Moistening Lung, Xiaoshi hangover, Reduce Pathogenic Fire diuretic effects. Guanxi pomelo known as "natural fruit" of the name, the most resistant to storage, can be stored for more than three months. Guanxi pomelo currently has a large number listed in the city, in the Changle Road, Qingdao City Fruit Wholesale Market has a point, Carrefour, Jusco supermarket on sale. Guanxi pomelo purchase, please look for signs of the three A "Guanxi pomelo" pomelo

Last Updated on Friday, 14 August 2009 08:04
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